Our objective is to assist people in getting the most out of their computer applications. With this concept on our mind, we are continuously upgrading our training programs to meet the requirements of the ever-changing Job market. We monitor the strong movement of applications that can enhance business processes, and design training programs to fit in. we believe that proficiency in the use of computer applications is only achieved by proper training from professional instructors.

Choukosh was formed on the fundamental principle of providing excellence in computer Literacy to the community. Therefore we are providing computer training to the children of different ages in five different categories – Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Expert. These programs are designed to deliver the highest quality and targeted expert training in every level including Basic Computer Applications, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Graphics Design, Desktop Publishing, Web Development etc.

Choukosh also offers a range of technical courses, as well as application courses, designed to suit every skill level. We provide customized training for the organizations to improve the skills of their employees. Our Training Programs are carefully designed to meet the requirements of the practical Job market. Therefore we call it "Career Enhancement Programs".


Graphics Design

This course will introduce you to the creative world of visual communication and aims to broaden your understanding of graphic design, equip you with awareness and skills enabling you to be more creative when just designing publications for print.

 - Basic Concepts of Graphics Design

 - Adobe Photoshop

 - Adobe Illustrator


Web Design

Basic Web Design: This course will introduce you to the WWW.
Advanced Web Development: This course focuses on the advanced areas of Web development
 - HTML 5
 - CSS 3
 - Javascript
 - Adobe Dreamweaver
Web Development
 - PHP
 - MySQL
 - Apache

 - H / W & Networking 

 - Linux 

 - .NET C#

 - Joomla & Wordpress 

 - Desk Top Publishing

 - Auto CAD(2D)